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Augment and Level-up your user acquisition, monetization and retention strategies.

User Acquisition

User acquisition is King. Maximize the results of your UA strategies. Have quality users introduced and delivered straight to your game by brands and merchants who run your games in their promotions.

Better Monetization

Game monetization is challenging. The scarcity of consistent players who spend money and unpredictability of users post install is getting worse. We want to bring the developer closer to where consumers spend their money, so you can earn more.

Retain Your Users

User retention is the fountain of youth for app developers. When users keep coming, your opportunities to earn and make an impression continues to live on. As merchants and brands continue to use you games in their different promotions, old and new users happily return to your games.

Integrate into the broader consumer economy

It's gotten harder and more competitive to extract value from the app economy. Thousands of developers and games are competing for a limited addressable market, while the broader consumer market remains untapped. Integrate your games into our platform to engage with users where they shop. We want to help increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) across the entire gaming industry.


of gamers spend money in-app.


of games have a day one retention of over 50%


of retailers will use gamification sales strategies within the next 5 year


"Brands see value in connecting with customers through meaningful experiences"